May 15, 2018
48 Women Join Restful Shabbos

48 women were wined and dined with food for the body, mind, and soul at the Jewish Women's Circle's third annual Shabbaton.

Shabbos is a day of relaxation, time spent with family, inspiration. And also a lot of work.

But for one Shabbos this past week, there was little work to be had. During the Women's Circle's third annual shabbaton, 48 women were wined and dined with food for the body, mind, and soul.

The fun began Friday afternoon. For many, being absolved from erev Shabbos prep was enough of a thrill. Arriving at the luxurious Vallevue Estate, guests realized they were in for a lot more. The verdant grounds played host to a yoga class, painting session, and hike. Workshops were held on the terrace and in the dining room. Many women had their sheitels set and make-up applied by talented artists.

A few hours later, cell phones switched off, hundreds of tiny candles were lit, the sun slowly set in the hills, and shabbos peace descended. Montana shlucha Chavi Bruk shared her inspirational journey through infertility and adoption. After the sumptuous meal, Mrs. Sara Dubov of Wimbledon, England, led an engaging farbrengen about shalom bayis. Shabbos day saw more shiurim, a meaningful set of WC Talks, and workshops. Throughout the day, in every pocket of the grounds and mansion, were groups of women sharing and connecting.

Breakfast in bed, late-night gifts, games, and surprises ensured that each woman was pampered and celebrated. The greatest proof of the shabbaton's success is not its 36 hours, but the days and weeks following. Women returned to their homes reinvigorated to continue building themselves, their families, and our broader community.

This awesome occasion is thanks to the many sponsors whose generosity allows such an event to be possible and affordable. With everlasting gratitude, the Women's Circle thanks the following donors and vendors.

The Nash Foundation
Mr. Greens
Sushi Spot
Bunch o Bagels
Post Mark-It
Albany Bakery
Apple Drugs

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Opinions and Comments
Looks amazing!!!!! How can I be part of it next year ? Ty
(5/16/2018 12:05:43 AM)
Would have loved to go!
Why are these things kept so quiet and more people don't know about them?
(5/16/2018 8:20:00 AM)
A tired mom
What was the criteria for this Shabbaton? So many of us can use this? Was it publicized or was it for a group of women?
Iím glad those women had this rest and I hope this could spread.
(5/16/2018 9:13:01 AM)
What is the Women's Circle?
And how does one become a part of it?
(5/16/2018 9:30:47 AM)
From The Women's Circle
Unfortunately, space is limited. We offer spaces to WC participants first. To hear more about the WC, email WC@THEBEISMEDRASH.COM and receive weekly updates. Or visit us on Facebook at: The Beis Medrash Women's Circle.
Thank you for your interest!
(5/16/2018 10:43:25 AM)
Unbeliavable !!
This is like a dream!! So well deserved. Every Jewish mother deserves this. How can we bring this to every city in the world !?
(5/16/2018 12:49:34 PM)
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