May 14, 2018
New Center in New Hampshire

Over 300 people were in attendance at the grand opening celebration for the new Chabad Center of New Hampshire, directed by Rabbi Levi and Shternie Krinsky.

Chabad of New Hampshire, directed by Rabbi Levi and Shternie Krinsky, hosted a grand Chanukas Habayis opening celebration of their new center, on Lag B'Omer.

Close to 300 people attended the opening from cities throughout New Hampshire and beyond to see the 8,000 sq. foot center.

The new facility houses a shul, a library, classrooms for Hebrew school, a commercial kitchen and a warm welcoming fireplace for the long, cold New England winters.

Rabbi Levi Krinsky, co-director and head shliach of Chabad of New Hampshire was the MC for the evening.

The speakers included his father, Rebbe's Secretary Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky, long time Hebrew School student Ella Shpindler, lay leader Stephen Singer, community representative Dr. Sarit Itenberg, and Mr. Mark Levine to recite Tehillim.

After the ribbon cutting by Rabbi Levi and Shternie Krinsky, Rabbi Yehudah Krinsky was honored with affixing the Mezuzah on the front door.

Rabbi Levi and Shternie Krinsky, together with their family, were touched and humbled by the strong show of support, welcoming friends from earlier times in their 30 years in New Hampshire, in addition to new friends and family.

Patience is a virtue well learned for the Krinskys, as it took years of tireless efforts to reach this milestone, but finally, the Chabad Center for Jewish Living will now stand as a beacon of light. Chabad will now be in a better position to serve the needs of the Jews of the Granite State for years to come.

The second phase of the remodeling process will include a mikvah, the first community Mikvah in the state. Construction is expected to start shortly, as soon as funds are secured.

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Devorah Hayman
So proud of our brand new New Hampshire Chabad center and wonderful shluchim R. and Mrs.Krinsky, and the entire family! May you go mechayil el chayil.
(5/15/2018 8:51:23 AM)
Go Krinskys!
The new center looks so beautiful and this family so deserves it.
(5/15/2018 6:40:44 PM)
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